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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 5, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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department is pretty up front about saying one big reason they're releasing the name of the victim is to find whoever is responsible for the death. family and friends of julie theresa calocci want the public to see happier images of the victim. they posted photos to raise money for funeral services. her body was dumbed around 8:00 in the morning august 28 and her body burned in an attempt to destroy evidence. >> we're really looking at this as a homicide, treating it as a homicide. that's why it's important for us to make as much contact with people that may have had contact with her the last 24 hours to really put together the pieces. >> reporter: the sheriff's department has not revealed the cause of death and declined to comment on things the victim may have posted online about knowing people in the professional escort industry. >> we're going to treat every
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homicide crime as a homicide and investigate to the fullest of our abilities and bring that person to justice. >> reporter: now the sheriff's department emphasizes anybody who believes they may have information regarding activities around the reservoir that morning or about her life may speak to investigators confidentially. robert honda, nbc bay area news. want to take you to oakland. happening now, our chopper overhead in downtown oakland. you see down below a group of protesters, totaling 100 or 200 people outside the marriott hotel. they want to send a message against the militarization of local police agencies. now this weekend, first responders from around the world are staying right there at that downtown oakland marriott. they're here to take part in a disaster exercise called urban shield. it's billed as the largest first
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responder event in the world. a surprise move by santa clara county's top cop. district attorney jeff rosen has taken a position on proposition 47. it's a controversial measure that reduces felonies to misdemeanors for non-violent crimes like drug offenses. the idea is to treat, not punish, but it's angering many in law enforcement. damian trujillo joins us live outside the d.a.'s office. >> reporter: jeff rozen told me this is a great way to reduce prison overcrowding by sending drug addicts to treatment instead of prison. but this decision has butt rozen at odds with many cops. thousands of prisoners in california are serving time for felony drug possession and theft charges. santa clara county's district attorney thinks many of those charges should be dropped to misdemeanors. >> i've decided to support prop
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47. >> reporter: it would set many free by reclassifying the felonies as misdemeanors. >> it's only applying to low-level offenses, not offense of violence like robbery, rape or murder. >> reporter: he says it sends drug addicts to treatment instead of prison. >> i want to make sure we have room in prison for serious and violent offenders. >> i was a little surprised to tell the truth. >> reporter: bob spent a lifetime putting criminals behind bars. he was shocked to hear of rozen's endorsement of prop 47. >> they earned the right to be there. they plea bargained down from more serious crimes. >> reporter: he worries about public safety if it passes. >> i don't think emptying out the prison with another 10,000 people on top of the prop 109s
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we have out is the answer. >> reporter: he says the threat of a felony charge serves as a big deterrent for potential criminals. but rozen says it's time to reinvest and since they've built more prisons than state universities. others were upset and shocked at the rozen decision. prop 47 is also endorsed by a former police chief lansdowne. we're live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> now prop 47 would release roughly 10,000 inmates from prison. the independent analyst says it would save the state between $150 million to $250 million per year. the d.a. says that equates to a $10 million savings for santa clara county alone. we have breaking news on the
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golden gate bridge. traffic is at a near crawl -- actually, it's moving now. we're going to show you deer on the bridge. this is about 20 minutes ago from twitter on the northbound lanes. and that's what we're talking about. traffic at a near crawl when the deer came onto the bridge. chp confirmed receiving multiple reports. they also say, here's the good news. they have called off all of their units, indicating that the deer made it off the bridge safely. we're learning much more about an attack of an off-duty correctional officer. his attackers may be former inmates. it happened early yesterday morning at a strip mall in south san jose. sources tell us this is the third attack of its kind on a santa clara county jail deputy, and this has happened since june, the third attack since june. in this case, the victim tells police he was in the back of a restaurant talking with an employee when three people
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approached him. he said i argued with them and was attacked. the president of a local correctional deputies union says he's worried about these recent attacks. a 70-year-old man was attacked in a crowded east bay park, but the question is why didn't anyone step in to help him. they believe the victim was collecting recycled goods at the park when he was involved in an argument at a picnic last sunday. the man was either hit or pushed and ended up lying on the ground unconscious. investigators say there were hundreds of people around but no one called 911 until the victim's wife found him lying on the ground about an hour later. the man is expected to survive, but investigators say he might have suffered brain damage. >> this is a grandfather, a father, somebody who really wasn't there causing problems. and he suffers for what? >> police are urging any witnesses to step forward. again, this is at kennedy park last sunday in hayward. question answered but the controversy could escalate.
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tonight a definitive answer from jim harbaugh. ray mcdonald will play in sunday's opener against the dallas cowboys. >> feel like that the way the facts are and what's known that he has the liberty to play in the game. >> mcdonald's practiced with the team all week, including today's last run through before the flight to dallas. he was arrested last sunday, facing one felony domestic abuse charge. the plan to play mcdonald is drawing criticism. a former 49ers star came out saying he thinks he should benched. barbara boxer addressed numerous issues, including the quake and rumors about whether the 74-year-old will finish out her term. mark matthews is live with answers. >> reporter: that resignation question was one of the first asked, and we'll get to her
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answer in just a minute. but first, the napa quake. on the napa quake, senator barbara boxer praised governor brown for sending out a request for a federal disaster declaration and assistance. >> senator feinstein and i have urged the president to make such a declaration. we're very -- we know he's going to do it. >> reporter: on why she's appearing in political ads supporting proposition 46, requiring doctors to be drug tested. >> to say it's $250,000 and never to raise that? when you look at the price of a car back then was about $5,000. now it's about $25,000. >> reporter: asked about tesla's decision to build its much sought-after factory in nevada she defipded governor brown.
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>> if the governor felt they were asking too much, i'm not going to step in. i think jerry is an excellent governor who makes good decisions that are wise. >> reporter: on immigration, she went after republicans. >> now the gop wants these young dreamers and their families out. it's sad, it's ugly, and it's against everything we stand for as a nation. >> reporter: finally, when senator boxer was asked about rumors that she might not finish out her current term. >> not resigning. of course not. those rumors are bizarre. >> reporter: senator boxer said she will decide next year if she will run again for the senate. her current term runs out in 2016. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you, mark. still ahead, one day later, and it's still flaring up. cleanup, the mission district fire. what's the holdup. earthquake warning moving
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closer to reality for a lot of us, but don't expect it to be free. what we learn about the role of private companies. coming up in a live report. and i'm jeff ranieri. a little bit of fog across the golden gate bridge and we're looking at blue sky across portions of san jose.
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. well, take a look at the piles of burned luggage in the streets it says it all. the huge fire in san francisco's mission district ripping through many businesses. it burned for hours and sent thick plumes of smoke across the city. but fire officials are still unable to really get inside that burned out building. what's the holdup here? >> reporter: i just spoke with firefighters, and they told me that the permits are coming. what that means is that this
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pile of debris sitting here since yesterday could finally get cleaned up tonight and the building temporarily boarded up while businesses and neighbors are trying to carry on. san francisco firefighters still have a hose line running to a courtyard behind mission street. more than 24 hours after a five-alarm fire. you can see the damage to the back of the building that burned. neighbors on bartlett street still have win ddows open to clr out the smoke. >> i'm washing every last garment and sheet and towel and see how much that abates it. and after that, we'll probably look into whether we need professional help. >> reporter: a neighbor gave us video. a three story building filled with clothes, backpacks and other items made it challenging. >> steel beams have been compromised due to the heat of the building.
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they won't sustain the weight. the entire roof has failed. so it's just much easier process to go in there and take the building down. >> reporter: the battalion chief says he thinks the owner and their insurance will take care of it. three other businesses suffered smoke or water damage. and a handful of businesses did not reopen today. >> we're hoping for monday, but we have some, you know, areas that need to be cleaned up. >> reporter: but the majority of the neighborhood was back up and running today despite the debris sitting in the street. >> the odor in here, i don't know if you notice that, it's more like synthetic material being, you know, off and smoke. so that's why we're still open. >> reporter: and still no word on a cause at this hour, and that's because arson investigators can't go in and take a good look because of safety concerns with the stability of the building. i'm told that a structural engineer will be here in the
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morning. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. that flasher displaying himself to women and children at palo alto parks has been caught. deputies arrested a man you see there. his name is cory jacobs. women called for help when he exposed himself at seal park in palo alto on august 1. on the right hand side of the screen you can see the police sketch based on the women's description. one day after that initial flashing more calls came in. women reported a man touching himself at three other locations, including johnson park. they found him in san jose last saturday. since the recent napa quake, there's been a renewed interest in the early warning system. some have been getting warnings for nearly two years now, but when will the early warnings spread to the rest of us. patrick healey joins us from berkley. an unprecedented partnership here. >> reporter: it was a big gathering of experts from around
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the world today. and it's becoming clear, raj, that private companies are going to play an increasingly important role here. you've got two issues, detecting the quake and delivering the warning. you need apps for that. and that's going to come from private, for-profit companies. nowadays when a quake comes from anywhere in the country, a seismic network can send out an early warning message. problem is, aside from researchers hardly anyone is get egg the message. >> we have to take it from university demonstration system into an actual operating system. >> reporter: teltex -- there is development on two fronts, the early warning system itself and distribution apps, if you will, to make use of it.
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so those dedicated to advancing the warning gathered at the berkley campus. >> we're taking the technology to develop some of these institutional areas and putting it in the cloud and making it a way to alert companies and individuals. >> reporter: josh basham developed an app. >> we're launching alerts over two-way communication system that's on site for this test user, and we're also playing alerts over the loudspeakers. >> reporter: it is at the early stages. early warning has a cost. it won't be free. live at u.c. berkley, nbc bay area news. saturday's going to be a historic night for the new levi's stadium. want to show you the new stadium
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live, empty now, but it's going to be packed. not only will it host a first-ever international soccer game but to a sold-out crowd of over 68,000 people. mexico and chile will be playing. they have had to replace the turf twice, saying the new turf should be safer. >> did you say mexico and chile are playing here tomorrow? >> it's going to be hot. >> that's a good game. a lot of big events this weekend. >> one thing we're not going to be able to get rid of, no matter your plans, the fog. that's why it's becoming so haze eye on our palo alto camera. that's a function of some of the haze. if you're traveling on interstate 280 across the peninsula, you're going to want
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to hold on with both hands as the wind gusts will get up to about 20 miles per hour. the best weather continues in the south bay. san jose averaging 73 degrees. you can see in the north bay, some of the coolest weather with 69. as we take you into tomorrow's forecast, we will still have temperatures right near 90 degrees. it's going to be warm there. but you can head to just about any other spot in the tri valley and find weather a lot more comfortable. 82 and some of the best weather, again, will be in the south bay with 85 degrees. now as we head throughout your weekend forecast, we already established that saturday looks pretty much fantastic. just a little bit of cooling. if you have yard work to do, it's going to be great for that on sunday's forecast. meanwhile, if you are heading anywhere across the peninsula, usc and stanford going at it. i do want to leave you with this
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last note if you're doing any traveling in southern california, hurricane norbert headed right towards l.a. and it looks like at this point we have flash flood warnings for the higher elevations -- flash flood watches, rather, where we could have 1 to 3 inches of rain. so wild weather for southern california. up next, college football with free pizza. yes. but there's a twist. we'll tell you about a new app being rolled out at stanford stadium tomorrow. two men viing to be california's next governor and they both are trying to sell you, the public on why they're worthy candidates. a debate that featured plenty of claims. we'll be fact checking next.
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well, the clock is ticking. 60 days until the november election. >> governor brown is fighting off a push from neil kashkari.
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>> in tonight's reality check, sam brock breaks down the fact and fiction of what was discussed at the debate. >> good evening. last night's debate saw plenty of claims flying back and fort between the two candidates for governor. were they fact or fluff? let's start with governor brown who likes to pump up his role in fixing the budget e. >> from $27 billion in the red is now a surplus. >> the governor's claim of a budget surplus is true, according to the l.a.o. which says that we have an operating surplus right now of $3.2 billion for this fiscal year, but that's all courtesy of something called prop 30. it's a tax, which i'm sure you remember. you the voters okayed it back in 2012. without prop 30, we'd actually have a deficit right now of $4 billion. there's also the issue of long-term debt, things we owe money for like state pensions
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and school bonds that sits at an estimated $300 billion. the governor's climb is true but with plenty of caveats. now to kashkari. >> he's declared a california come back. and yet our middle class is all but destroyed. it's not that long ago that we used to have some of the best schools in america here in california. today our schools are ranked 46 out of 50 states. >> he is likely citing a standardized test where california fourth graders did rank 46th in math and reading. there's the issue of looking at other metrics, too, for example, education week. it's an independent report put out called "quality counts." it found california placed 33rd. bottom line, our schools are not
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performing well compared to the rest of the country, and that was kashkari's point. it is true. throughout the course of this debate, both men offered fresh meat on other topics, things like tesla putting its new factory in reno and distressed children. for tonight's reality check, i'm sam brock. back to you. >> thank you. a few years ago, during the recession, the numbers weren't good for california lawmakers. 76% disapproved of the job they were doing. a new poll finds 42% now disapprove, outnumbering the 34% who approve. opinions are harsher in inland counties where the disapproval rate is 46%. among people who live along the coast, the disapproval number is 40%. still ahead, information compromised. thousands of stewed pts at a
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local university targeted by criminals. plus. you pay for it. we found an official is earning travel rewards with public money. we expose how a director wracked up perks on your dime. i'm scott budman at stanford stadium where a combination of smartphone technology and pizza will be used to bring fans into the game. safeway understands you got to make every dollar count these days. that's why they have lots of ways for you to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards.
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we have some breaking news
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now in the east bay. the driver of an ac transit bus plowing into a building in richmond. firefighters and police are on the scene. this is at 18th and burbank, an ac transit bus plowing into this building. we're not sure right now if there was anybody on the bus or if there were any injuries, but we have a crew on the way. we'll have more information as the newscast continues. i don't brief people should be personally benefitting from travel. >> right now at 6:30. he works for the public. so why is he getting personal travel perks off public money? you paid for it, but he gets the perks. we expose the official. perks like hotel points and upgrades. >> investigative reporter jenna susko joins us. >> multiple sources within the
6:30 pm
department of child support services believe the man in charge is using his position of power for personal gain. and these records back it up. now the county has opened an investigation into the director's travel spending. >> because the only thing better than bacon is free bacon. >> bonus points and free nights. >> the perks appear endless for those who spend thousands of dollars on travel and have rewards cards like these. >> you can have it all. >> from free nights to free flights. >> never have to raid your kid's piggy bank for a vacation ever again. >> but what about the public's piggy bank? >> i cannot believe it's going on this long. >> so what's going on? >> our request was approved. >> meet john bartanyan.
6:31 pm
she's trav these travel documents tell how's gone from platinum status on your dime. >> most are in mud status. >> he puts tens of thousands of dollars of employee travel on his personal credit cards, allowing him to wrack up points for everyone's stay. then the county pays him back while he reaps the reward. >> then he can go on vacation. >> valeri spent 25 years in the department of child support services. she retired in 2010. >> this is conscious, deliberate and done, knowing that somehow he's benefitting from not only his travel but all the rhys of us traveling. >> she discovered the practice at a conference when she found
6:32 pm
john vartanyan's name on her information. >> i contacted our county human resources. i never heard back from them. >> reporter: so we went through thousands of travel documents and compiled our own database. we found i put more than $55,000 worth of hotel stays and registration fees on his personal card. for more than 30 employees. like this trip to garden grove. nearly 12 grand went on his marriott rewards and starwood business cards. he also got the hyatt rewards points. he even paid for employees to go to conferences he didn't attend. do you believe what he's doing is wrong? >> absolutely. >> reporter: john cupal is president of the association. >> people are going to look at this and have raised eyebrows. >> reporter: frequent flyer miles should be applied to
6:33 pm
county travel. and the county has no intention of providing such fringe benefits. it states employees may use their county-issued credit card for travel. if the employee doesn't have one the county will pay that person back. records show vartanian paid for those who even have county credit cards. >> i remember hearing someone say why couldn't i use my credit card? because i'm not the person handling the travel. >> reporter: the county has a travel coordinator, and it's not him. take a look at this. his reward numbers, still used to gain the points. >> there's been conferences where he either goes and attends maybe one event. he is there to check all the participants or registrants into the room. >> our department head shouldn'ting engaged in this kind of activity.
6:34 pm
it makes me upset. >> reporter: both work in the department of child support services for santa clara county. they asked we conceal their identities out of fear for retaliation. >> the morale at the office is so low. it's not right. >> reporter: it appears wracking up points is a skill. there are seminars for it. check out this abc news video documenting the practice. >> get sign-up bonus. >> reporter: look who was there. john vartanian. so what's he doing with all the points? we wanted to talk with him, but he refused to sit down with us. we also wanted a kpln explanati for this. a line item the that says paid for by john vartanian. they added a line to the voucher. >> oh, my god. no. no. i have not seen this.
6:35 pm
>> you don't want a situation where someone is incentivized to misuse taxpayer dollar, and that's what's happened here. >> he's been with the county for 13 years, was appointed to the board of supervisors last year. the head ever the board says they are investigating it and because it is a personnel matter he is unable to elaborate. >> if you have a tip for jenna or anyone in our investigative unit, give us a call or zipped us an e-mail. another data breach in the news tonight. this time it's not a store but a local college. last month, the data security team at cal state east bay discovered someone had hacked into the system in august of last year. the school says the intruder copied a data file with more than 6,000 names. addresses and security numbers were exposed here. so far there's no evidence that
6:36 pm
that information has been used illegally, but the school is offering each person affected a free credit monitoring service for a year. >> it may be markee game of the season. but they are going high tech with free pizza. scott budman joins us live. free pizza? i don't get it. >> reporter: that's part of the enticement. stanford knows its football fans are going to be on the phone during the game. so now it has a plan to let those fans winfrey food through an app. stanford routinely sells out its home games but has been struggling to get fans into the seats for the opening kickoff.
6:37 pm
>> the opening kickoff is one of the most exciting plays during the game. >> reporter: there's now an app for that. menlo park's yifty will let you play a game on your phone, and you can win a pizza. they call it the pizza-my-heart challenge. >> it's going to be at the beginning of the game at kickoff and at half. and they'll be able to play the game, and hopefully they'll win. >> what i love is every single person in there can take the guess and have a chance at winning. that's never happened. >> reporter: it's really two things at work here. one, college students love pizza, two, football fans of all ages are connected. >> during the game we have a running twitter fied on one of the end zones that updates the fans at the stadium with the hash tag. and you'll see the updates on
6:38 pm
the l.e.d. ribbon. >> you go to a ball game or whatever else and people are looking up stats. the phone doesn't stay in the pocket during the game anymore. >> reporter: so pull your phone out and take a shot at free pizza. now the app had a trial run last saturday at stanford's home opener. the app users say the number is expected to jump to about 4,000 tomorrow. with usc in town, that's a lot of pizza. scott budman, bay area news. still ahead at 6:00. we're following breaking news, an ac transit bus crashes into a home in a residential neighbor hud. the latest coming up. he's going solo. president obama hints at how he wants to fix the immigration crisis, but there's one thing his critics say he is missing.
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we continue to folsom breaking news in the east bay. a pretty dramatic sight as you can see. an ac transit bus plowed into this home in richmond. it's either a home or duplex or some kind of apartment building. our chopper is on the scene right now. we do know that pg&e crews just arrived. firefighters are also on the scene. this is on 18th street and burrback avenue. you can see it veered off the road into that home. this is near chavez elementary school in richmond. it's a dense neighborhood with many homes and apartments. you can see some streets are closed off. and what appears to be that rid car also involved in this accident. we're getting more details. but this is near chavez
6:42 pm
elementary school. an ac transit bus into a home or apartment building. now the police department hopes to ease shape and embarrassment. yesterday 11 men were arrested in a prostitution sting. those men may be facing humiliation along with charges. that's them. the photos were posted on the department's facebook page. they are using social media to try to embarrass them as a deterrent. it is officially friday night, ready to go. >> we'll talk about the fog coming up in a few minutes. plus he's a rising star for the democratic party with a key connection to the bay area. i talked to waukean castro.
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president obama's outlining some ambitious steps to address the immigration crisis without congress. while speaking in wales today, he said if congress won't act he'll launch his own overhaul. he wants to increase border security, up grade the processing for those who cross illegally, and give those illegally here the chance to to legalize their status. >> you can bet that at the center of the debate will be a soft-spoken congressman from texas with strong bay area ties who's also very vocal on immigration. his name is joaquim castro. if you don't know the castro name yet, you might soon.
6:46 pm
he and his brother are rising as far as of the democratic party and some say a counter weight to prominent republican latinos. we talk about immigration and his growing bay area support. joaquim castro is no stranger to the streets of san francisco. stanford grad, also visited the city by the bay when he was a student. back then, visits were low-key and personal. today they are high-powered and political, with the likes of heavy hitters willie brown and nancy pelosi. >> we talk about the things and values that i think have made this nation great whether you're in california or texas, freedom, democracy and opportunity which i think is really at stake in the coming years. >> reporter: those coming years have castro in the bay area now, collecting money for his reelection campaign to congress. but he is also here spreading his message and how it is key to
6:47 pm
his message. >> my grandmother came here almost a hundred years ago now as a six year old orphan and never made it past the fourth grade. because she never had a formal education, she worked as a maid, babysitter and cook her entire life. my mom was the first to go to college, then my brother and i were blessed to go to law school and be public servants. >> reporter: creating what he calls an infrastructure of opportunity has been his calling card. >> in america there is an infrastructure of opportunity, great public schools and universities, a strong health care system, an economy built around well-paying jobs that allows people to get to where they want to go in life. >> reporter: but tackling immigration reform and what to do with the thousands of unaccompanied children has gotten him national attention.
6:48 pm
>> also raises the question of who we consider to be a refugee in america in the 21st century. >> reporter: we have two distinct, different paths here. some people say send them back. some people say we have to rise and help these children. what do you see? >> i'm not surprised that there is a lot of wrangling within american public opinion about what to do. on the one hand we realize we're a nation of laws and you need to have a secure border. on the other hand, it's clear that this is a humanitarian situation, and america throughout the generations has been able to recognize humanitarian situations and allow for asylum status for kids and others. >> reporter: castro is sharing his emerging clout with his already politically entrenched identical twin brother. i gave the keynote address at a democratic convention. and in july he was named
6:49 pm
secretary of housing and urban development. cabinet level appointment that has rumors swirling of a first of its kind clinton/castro ticket in 2016. >> i think my brother would be great at whatever he does. he's bright, sharp, completely devoted. there will be debate. >> reporter: he says he aplausd the work being done in san francisco to get attorneys to do pro bono work on asylum the work. he says providing extra services is generous and humane, the castro name, one you'll be
6:50 pm
hearing more of. a lot of things happening this weekend, jeff. >> you get a look at today's numbers, and it is a prelude of what we can expect. san rafael, 78. in san francisco we've had rare 70-degree-days. and you want to enjoy it now. september does average some of the warmest weather in san francisco. after that, temperatures drop off steeply throughout november and december. right now the fog beginning to roll back in to sf. temperatures kcooling off into the 60s. it's a beautiful night here across the south bay, right now 75 degrees and excellent visibility. let's take you in to the microclimate forecast. as we head throughout saturday, sunny skies. temperatures are not going to get too hot for a lot of the
6:51 pm
bay. 86 for morgan hill. numbers staying in the 60s for san francisco. napa expecting 85 degrees. for the east bay, oakland, 74. then more than ten degrees hotter in walnut creek with 88 degrees. 89 expected in livermore. we'll take you to the weekend forecast. by sunday, numbers drop just by 1 to 3 degrees. you may be heading out to san francisco. we do have the autumn moon festival happening in china town. temperatures will stay cool on the 60s side with a little fog rolling in. you can get updates at any time on raj and jess, a plus i'm thinking. we're going back to richmond, you sigh down below,
6:52 pm
an ac transit bus in the middle of a dense neighborhood in this home. we'll check in with cheryl hurd next.
6:53 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. this is richmond where a bus has crashed into a building. we think it's a home at this point. it's an ac transit bus. this happened about 45 minutes ago. we have new information about what may have caused that bus to go into the home. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is live on the scene for us. >> reporter: we're here at 18th and burrback. we understand some people have been taken to the hospital, including the bus driver,
6:55 pm
lieutenant, tell me what happened. >> approximately 5:35, a driver of a stolen vehicle came in contact with an ac transit bus which caused the bus to veer off to the left and come to rest inside the residence. >> reporter: and you're telling me that this car was stolen. >> the car was stolen. the driver of the vehicle is currently outstanding, but we believe we have a pretty good idea who he is. the passenger was taken into custody. eight people on the bus. they all sustained non-life threatening injuries and have been taken to local hospitals for observation. and two people inside the residence, one being an infant child also sustained minor injuries, and they, too, have been taken to local hospitals. >> that was my next question. people inside this duplex were lucky. >> they were very lucky. we have the scene contained. earlier there was a gas leak as a result of the collision. but richmond fire department and
6:56 pm
pg&e have been able to cap that gas leak and the area is deemed safe once again. >> reporter: thank you very much, lieutenant, lieutenant hill giving us an update. the driver of the stolen vehicle is at large. everything seems to be somewhat under control right now. we'll bring you the latest at 11:00 tonight. good update there, cheryl. let's show you one more time what that bus looks like. you heard the officer say right now it appears the driver of a stolen vehicle caused this bus to go into that. we're confirming it is a home. at this point they are still going to take hours before they remove that bus, but begin, an ac transit bus, that is a home, and there were numerous injuries. hello, i'm gerard moncure in the comcast sports net newsroom.
6:57 pm
g-men back to the site of their 2012 conquest, blanco scores. 2-0 g-men. and now panik, and the damage is done, 4-0, orange and black. and then the rains came. that's where we're sitting right now. game currently in a rain delay with the giants leading 6-0. this could end up being bad if they don't get to start this game. they will most likely play a doubleheader tomorrow. and the giants already have the late game against the tigers on sunday night. >> playoff implications for both teams. thanks, gerard. >> hope to see you tonight at 11:00. bye-bye.
6:58 pm
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now on a special edition of "extra," celebrating joan rivers' life and the queen of comedy talking about her own death. >> i've had an amazing life. >> did she have to die? the michael jackson comparison today. >> the shrine here at joan's star on the walk of fame. >> will rivers get the dazzling show biz funeral she said she wanted. >> paying respect. >> it's really emotional. >> then never before seen photos of joan and the untold story of her big break on johnny


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